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Blue Badges

What is a Blue Badge?

The Blue Badge scheme is for people with severe mobility problems who find it difficult to use public transport. It allows Blue Badge holders to park close to where they need to go.

You can use the badge when you are driving or are a passenger in a car. Other people such as your friends or relatives can't use the badge unless you are travelling with them.

Do I qualify for a Blue Badge?

You will qualify for a Blue Badge if you:

You may also qualify if you:

  • have severe disability in both upper limbs
  • drive a motor vehicle regularly but cannot turn the steering wheel even if that wheel is fitted with a turning knob
  • have a permanent and substantial disability which causes you to be unable to walk or you have considerable difficulty in walking.


Children under the age of three may be eligible for a badge if:

  • because of their condition, they must always be accompanied by bulky medical equipment
  • because of their condition, they must always stay near a motor vehicle so they can be treated in the vehicle or taken to a place where they can be treated

Parking with a Blue Badge

You can use the badge throughout the UK, the European Union and some other European countries.

You can not use the Blue Badge for:

  • off street car parks
  • private roads
  • most airports

You should always make sure to check parking restrictions.

Parking with a Blue Badge - More Information

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

If you meet the criteria you can apply for or renew a Blue Badge online through GOV.UK

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

When applying for a Blue Badge or renewing an expired one, you need to make the £10 administration payment online.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card and will only be taken once your application is approved.

Supply an email address where promoted by the application form. We will notify you the outcome of your application by email.

Before you start

To apply for a Blue Badge you will need:

  • the details of your current Blue Badge (if you have one)
  • a colour passport sized and quality photograph
  • proof of address such as, a current council tax or utility bill, or bank statement (dated within the last 3 months)
  • proof of identification such as, a passport or driving licence
  • up to date supporting evidence such as, a letter confirming the current status of your Disability Living Allowance (Higher Rate Mobility) or that you are receiving a Personal Independence Payment with a point score of 8 or above for 'Moving Around'. If you need an up to date copy of either of these letters telephone 08457 123 456.

To avoid any delay in processing your application, the above documents must be uploaded on the online application form. When you are uploading evidence such as a letter, ensure you include all pages of the letter.

Renewing your Blue Badge

Make sure you renew your Blue Badge at least four weeks before it expires. It is your responsibility to provide all necessary documentation so that you can renew your Blue Badge in time.

After you apply

We will assess your application and advise you whether or not you qualify for a Blue Badge. To do this we must have all of your documents. We will notify you of the outcome by email.

Appealing or making a complaint about a blue badge decision

If you want to appeal or complain against a negative decision, you have the right to ask for an appeal within one month of us telling you of our decision. Appeals can only be heard if additional information not previously submitted is provided.

To do this, you will need to email us at:

What you must tell us

When you email us, you must say why you are appealing. You must also upload any new evidence you may have to support your appeal, such as current medical evidence.

Do not upload information already submitted with your application, as this may result in your appeal being rejected.

What happens next

We will look at your application again and make a decision based on the new information provided or refer your case to an occupational therapist working on our behalf, to look at.

We will contact you by email to inform you of our decision.

If you wish to instead make a complaint about the service you received please click on the link below:

Make a complaint

If the Blue Badge is not right for you

The Blue Badge may not be the right answer to your mobility issue. If so, you may wish to look into the following options:

  • London Taxicard Scheme - subsidised door-to-door transport for people who have serious mobility impairment and difficulty in using public transport.
  • Dial-a-ride- free door to door minibus scheme run by TfL for people with mobility problems
  • Freedom Pass - Free use of public transport for people with mobility problems.

Changing the details on your Blue Badge

If you want to inform us of any changes such as a new car registration number or if you have changed your address, you can do so by using the link below.

Replacing Lost or Stolen Badges

If your Blue Badge is lost or stolen, you must get a police reference number before you can apply for a replacement. You will need to report this using the following link:

Report a lost or stolen blue badge

You should put the police reference number in your application. This is to make sure that your old badge is cancelled which helps to prevent misuse of it.

We will contact you with further details on how to obtain your replacement badge. We will charge £10 for all replacement badges.

More information and useful contacts

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