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Nutritional support for adults at risk

The Francis Report on Mid-Staffordshire NHS Inquiry (2013) found that the lack of:

  • basic food provision
  • feeding and
  • recording

was a significant factor in poor outcomes for adults at risk.

Whilst the report focused on hospital and care settings, it was recognised that people living in the community are similarly at risk.

So information and actions are needed to prevent harm and reduce safeguarding concerns across all care settings and people living in the community.

The following information has been collated to assist professionals and carers to:

  • understand the importance of maintaining good nutrition and hydration
  • ways to check if the person is under weight
  • how to record daily intakes to understand patterns and
  • ways of making food more nutritious and beneficial for weight gain

The following forms can be downloaded for use:

Nutrition Record Sheet with Menu details

Nutrition Record Sheet –with Menu choice blank

Nutrition Pathway 1

Nutrition Pathway 2

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST

Food Fortification Protocol

Food Fortification leaflet v1

Top tips for food fortification

Sandwich Filling Ideas and guidance on what size to record

End of Life (EOLC) guidance for Nutritional Health

Appendix A Obvious and subtle signs of Dysphasia

Appendix B Considerations when supporting people at meal times