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London multi agency adults safeguarding policy and procedures

London Multi Agency Adults Safeguarding Policy and Procedures have been updated to include the new duties and responsibilities for all local authorities given the Care Act 2014

These duties and responsibilities make sure that there is a consistent approach to safeguarding adults across London.

The following organisations developed and agreed the document:

  • The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)
  • NHS London
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • A number of other agencies across London who contribute to the work of adult safeguarding

London Multi Agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

The summary of changes to the London Multi-Agency Adult safeguarding policy and procedures are avilable on the following link.

Summary of amendments

LGA - making decisions on the duty to carry out Safeguarding Adults enquiries

The policy and procedures are for everyone working in public, voluntary and private sector organisations that come into contact with adults, including:

  • managers
  • professionals
  • volunteers and staff

Local arrangements

For each London borough further work is needed to ensure these are fully implemented and embedded across the partnership.

The Pan London approach will have an impact on nearly every London borough in terms of how it currently carries out its safeguarding work.

Local arrangements, for example around referral routes are being reviewed.

For more information contact the Safeguarding Governance Team on: 0203 373 6038.

Out of Area Safeguarding Protocol / Host borough Arrangements

This protocol aims to complement:

  • existing statutory guidance
  • local policy and procedures

by providing additional guidance in responding to safeguarding concerns which involve cross-boundary considerations.

It has been developed by ADASS members.

It recognises the increased safeguarding risk and complexity associated with adults whose care and support arrangements cross local authority boundaries.

These may arise where funding/commissioning responsibility for an adult lies with an authority in one area and where concerns about potential abuse and/or exploitation arise in another area.

This guidance for inter-authority working on safeguarding enquiries has been updated to reflect the:

  • new Care Act duties
  • accompanying statutory guidance
  • ethos and best practice standards of Making Safeguarding Personal

The guidance applies to all care and support settings including:

  • registered care settings
  • supported living
  • community settings
  • family placement or hospitals

It applies to all adults whether or not the costs of their care and support are being met by public funds.

Where safeguarding adults concerns are raised, the local authority where the risk is posed is responsible, under Section 42 of the Care Act, for ensuring that enquiries are undertaken.

Out-of-area safeguarding adults arrangements

More information

For more information contact the Safeguarding Governance Team on:

Call: 0203 373 3620