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Tahira's Story

Staying Independent

Tahira has experienced poor eyesight all her life but when her sight began to deteriorate further she thought she would not be able to take care of her family. However, the support she received from Enabled Living's Sensory team, in partnership with London Borough of Newham, has given her the confidence to stay independent.

As a married mum of two children aged 9 and 10, Tahira takes pride in caring for her family and home. But as her sight continued to deteriorate, she began to struggle with basic activities such as:

  • cooking
  • making tea
  • cleaning
  • helping her kids with their homework and
  • finding her way around the house safely.

Tahira contacted Newham Council’s Adult Social Care service expressing her desire to remain independent so she could carry on looking after her children. Following an assessment it was agreed to refer Tahira to Enabled Living's Sensory team.

The Enabled Living team visited Tahira at home to assess her support requirements and see what would help her to live independently and safely.

Tahira then completed a six week training programme where she learnt how to:

  • easily find her way around her home
  • prepare food
  • cook
  • use appliances without hurting herself or needing to rely on others for assistance.

Tahira was also eligible for funding to adapt her home. This included installing rails on her staircase and making her microwave and washing machine more accessible so she could easily change the settings.

“My main goal was to regain my independence at home so I could be the mother and wife I was used to being. Receiving the training and the equipment has been a big, big help to me and has made such a difference.”

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