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Lester's story

A serious accident left 41 year old Lester physically impaired and out of work for over six years. Lester was eager to return to work but couldn’t find a job. However personalised support through his local Jobcentre Plus, resulted in him securing a full time role.

Lester had been getting by on Disability Living Allowance.

His local Jobcentre Plus secured him a part time job as a community bus driver during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Lester was glad for the opportunity, but remained keen to find full time work to regain his independence and set an example for his son.

Lester approached several bus companies seeking full-time employment but they were unable to fund the necessary training for him to acquire his Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Lester couldn’t afford to fund his own training either.

Lester’s Journey

Lester explained this at the Jobcentre and he was referred to a Disability Employment Advisor (DEA).

Lester qualified for Work Choice support, and worked with the DEA, who used the flexibility of the programme, to employ a different approach to finding him full time work.

The DEA negotiated with one of the bus companies Lester had talked to. The company placed Lester on a work trial, and offered him a job, but only if he was guaranteed funding to get his CPC.

Lester exercised his right to control to use a Work Choice direct payment, which funded his CPC training and certificate.

Lester’s Outcome

Lester is now in full time work for the first time in six years.

A personalised plan at the end of his work trial made all the difference.

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