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2. What is an Assessment?

What is an Assessment?

An assessment is a discussion with you or your advocate that can help you and us understand your situation and needs better. Together we will explore what help and support can be provided to reduce, delay and prevent your reliance on care and support now, and in the future.

A carers assessment looks at what care and support you intend to provide or currently provide to another person. The practitioner will help you to explore a variety of ways that can help meet and support your needs to allow you to live the life you want and improve your wellbeing. It will seek to draw upon your strengths, capabilities and look for opportunities available to you within your community and support networks to maximise your independence.

An assessment form is used to focus discussions around the areas you may need care and support with and to determine if you are eligible for support from Adult Social Care. If you are eligible for support, the answers you have given in your assessment form will be used to calculate an indicative personal budget for you.

You will also be required to have a financial assessment.  This is based on your income, savings and your assets and will be used to calculate any contribution you may have to make towards your personal budget to purchase services. Currently, carers are not financially assessed and are not required to pay a contribution towards services they receive from Adult Social Care.

What questions will I be asked as part of the assessment?

Below gives you examples of the questions that will be asked during your assessment, you can use these to help you prepare ahead of an assessment

Customer assessment

Carers assessment - more information

Carers assessment - what to expect

Who will undertake my assessment?

This will depend on your needs. If you are in urgent need of an assessment or require simple equipment the Access Visiting Team will carry out an assessment.

Dependent on your need you may be referred to the Enablement Team for a period of Enablement (up to 6 weeks). The Enablement Team focuses on helping people become more independent and to improve their quality of life. It gives people the opportunity and confidence to relearn and regain some of the skills they may have lost due to poor health, disability or impairment or after a spell in hospital or problems at home. If you have on-going care and support needs following your enablement service they will undertake the Assessment for you.

You will be referred to the Supporting Care Team if your needs are more complex, high risk or you are likely to need on going professional support during and shortly after your assessment or you require a major adaptation to your home.

These teams have trained professionals in Social Work and Occupational Therapy and where appropriate they may undertake a joint visit to ensure your home environment and care and support needs can be assessed at the same time.

Support from Adult Social Care is available to people recovering from a hospital stay and needing temporary help to maintain their independence and quality of life, as well as those with long-standing disabilities and impairments. If you are in hospital, a member of the Hospital Social Work Team will talk to you before you are discharged, about any care and support you might require and if necessary carry out the Assessment with you.​​

How do you decide if I am eligible?

During your assessment the practitioner will determine if your needs are eligible under a national eligibility criteria for care and support.  We will look at your individual circumstances, what you can do, what you cannot do for yourself or with support from others in your family or community. We will determine the impact this has on your day to day life and how seriously it affects your wellbeing. If you are not able to do a combination of certain things such as washing yourself, getting dressed, getting in and out of bed or keeping your home safe for you to live in you are likely to be eligible for care and support from Adult Social Care. A full list of the eligibility criteria for Customers and Carers can be found by clicking the link below:

Eligibility criteria​​

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