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Adult Mental Health Access and Assessment Team (MHAAT)

The Adult Mental Health Access and Assessment Team (MHAAT) is the single point of access for all referrals to Mental Health Social Care.

If you are already receiving a service from the NHS for your mental illness (The East London NHS Foundation Trust) talk to your:

  • Doctor
  • Community Psychiatrist Nurse
  • or other mental health professional

about getting social care help.

MHAAT will accept referrals from anyone including:

  • self-referrals
  • friends
  • family
  • neighbours
  • organisations

The MHAAT objectives includes the following:

  • Provide signposting, information and advice on local mental health services
  • Provide an effective and quality response to referrals to the Council’s Mental Health Services, and deal with enquiries regarding the available support and the eligibility for a service in a timely manner
  • Support access to universal services and resources in the community
  • Undertake an initial needs assessment of people with mental health issues and their carers to establish care and support needs and their presenting risks
  • Determine people’s eligibility for care and support under the Care Act
  • Explore the existing support needs and maximise the use of available resources to reduce further dependency on social care support
  • Screen safeguarding concerns and gather information to determine level of intervention
  • Facilitate hospital discharge for patients with mental health illness who are referred by Newham Centre for Mental Health
  • Reduce deterioration in people’s situations and promote independent and wellbeing

    • After acceptance of a referral, a worker will possibly be allocated to conduct an assessment and create a plan of support to meet the individual needs (subject to Care Act criteria).

      To be eligible you must:

      • have a mental illness
      • be unable to achieve two or more of the daily tasks listed below as a result of your illness.

      We will look at whether you need help to do them and if this impacts significantly on your wellbeing.

      Daily tasks includes managing and maintaining:

      • Nutrition
      • Personal hygiene
      • Toilet needs
      • Being appropriately clothed
      • Being able to make use of the home safely
      • A habitable home environment
      • Family and other personal
      • Work, training, education or volunteering
      • Using necessary facilities or services in the local community
      • Any caring responsibilities the adult has for a child relationships

      If someone does not qualify for services, the team will help them to access local services in the community who may be able to deal with the presenting problem.

      Newham Social Care Recovery Team:

      There are two Recovery Teams.

      Referrals into the Recovery Teams are via MHAAT and will be allocated to a case manager for assessment on a case by case basis.

      Recovery Teams work alongside someone where they may be already receiving treatment and support for a mental health issue and allocated a Care Coordinator.

      If you would like a referral into the Recovery Team please contact MHAAT.

      Adult Mental Health Access and Assessment Team
      Call: 0208 430 2000 option 2

      Crisis Help

      What is mental health?

      Community Recovery teams

      Approved Mental Health Professionals Service (AMHPs)

      Approved mental health professionals (AMHPs) are trained to implement elements of the Mental Health Act 1983, as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007, together with medical practitioners.

      AMHPs are responsible for organising, co-ordinating and contributing to Mental Health Act assessments.

      It is the AMHP's duty, when two medical recommendations have been made, to decide whether or not to make an application to a named hospital for the detention of the person who has been assessed.

      The AMHP Service is managed by LBN and sits within LBN Mental Health Services.

      Contacting the AMHP service

      The AMHP service operates Mon - Sun 24hrs a day.


      Mon – Fri 9am - 5pm
      Call: 0208 430 2000 option 2

      Out of Hours: Mon - Fri 5pm - 9am, Weekends and bank holidays.
      Contact the Newham Control Room by calling 0208 430 2000.​​​​​​​​​


      A self-assessment provides an opportunity to look at your strengths and needs. A friend, relative or carer can also complete the self-assessment form on your behalf.

      To request a self-assessment contact the Access to Adult Social Care Team

      Once completed it, send to:
      Newham Dockside
      c/o Adult social care Services
      1000 Dockside Road
      E16 2QU

      Once we receive your self-assessment form you will be contacted by a Social Care Practitioner who will discuss your care and support needs with you in order to determine if you are eligible for statutory social care support.

      If you are eligible for support the Social Care Practitioner will work with you to develop a support plan. If you are not eligible for statutory services we will provide information and advice on a range of community services available to support you.