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BSL Support

What is BSL Live?

If you are a BSL users and would like support to access the information on this website you can use BSL Live provided by SignVideo.

BSL Live connects you to a SignVideo interpreter through a video call, the interpreter will be able to view the same webpage as you and interpret the content for you.

They can also call the Access to Adult Social Care Team for you if you have further queries or need to discuss your care needs.

The quality of the call will depend on the strength of your internet connection.

Using BSL Live when not connected to a Wi-Fi network will use your mobile data allowance and therefore you may incur charges from your mobile provider.

To avoid using up your mobile data allowance or incurring charges please use BSL Live when connected to wifi.

Free Wi-Fi is available at all Newham libraries to library card holders.

What do I need to do to use BSL Live?

BSL video explaining BSL Live

To use SignVideo BSL Live, you will need:

  • Device: PC, Mac or laptop with a webcam or a Tablet or Smartphone
  • Browser: Chrome (PC and Mac), Firefox (Pc and Mac), Safari 11 (Mac)
  • Operating system:iOS 11 and Android 4.0 upwards
  • Bandwidth: Minimum 512kbps
  • 1 mbps upload for HD Video

Please note BSL Live will not work in Internet Explorer (IE)

How do I use BSL Live?

Click on the SignVideo BSL live link below:

SignVideo BSL Live

Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and tell them that you are calling to use the Care in Newham Website or call the Access to Adult Social Care Team.

You will then be connected and start the conversation in BSL (British Sign Language).

When can I use BSL Live?

Monday - Thursday: 09:00-17:00
Friday 09:00-16:45
Excluding public holidays

How can I get help with using BSL Live?

For troubleshooting and technical guidance, please contact or call 0203 388 0771.

Who are SignVideo?

SignVideo is a specialist state-of the art video centre staffed by fully qualified and registered (NRCPD/SASLI) BSL/English Interpreters, who are available on demand.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​