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Day services for people with a Learning Disability

Community Services provided by The Good Support Group

We offer support to people with:

  • A general learning disability
  • Profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD)
  • Autism
  • Behaviours of concern or which challenge
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical and sensory disabilities

We support people to:

  • Find ways to communuicate with others
  • Develop skills that are meaningful in the context of their lives
  • Make decisions and have greater control of their lives
  • Get out into community
  • Get involved in activities that are meaningful and rewarding
  • Make things and feel a sense of achievement
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Work towards paid employment

We mostly work out and about in the community. We have 2 main fixed venues Mariner Road Day Centre and Newham City Farm Visitor Centre but we use many other locations within our community.

Mariner Road is a safe space venue for those who can find the world a challenging place at times. Newham City Farm Visitor Centre is an enterprise hub for those thinking about the world of work.

Some of the things we support people to do include:

Staying healthy:

  • Swimming
  • Trampollining
  • Rebound therapy
  • Gym (including accessible gym)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Bike riding

Communicating with others:

  • Sensory
  • Sound beam
  • Sensory music
  • Sensory art
  • Creative story telling

Getting involved:

  • Community gardening
  • College
  • Travel training
  • Floats for carnivals
  • Music and performance
  • Art exhibitions

Developing skills:

Everything from essential day to day life skills through to making things and skills for working life.

Getting a job:

  • Work related projects
  • Enterprises
  • Volunteering Workplace job club

Day services for people with a Learning Disability

How to access the service

For general enquiries please contact Zubayer Ahmed:
Call: 0203 373 2211

To make a referral please complete the referral form and retrun to

The Good Support Company Referral Form​​​​