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Our Vision for Co-Production

What is Co-Production?

Co-Production means working together.

It is about services, people who use services, their carers and families coming together as equals to make things better for everyone.

Co-Production for Adult Social Care in Newham means customers being involved in the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of services in Newham.

Benefits of Co-Production

It is an opportunity for people to have a say and be part of important decisions on adult health and social care in Newham, so that services:

  • do what the Care Act says they have to do
  • have access to first-hand experience of disabled people and the elderly
  • can demonstrate the value placed on the views of customers
  • meet the needs of customers
  • are accessible to those who need them
  • create strong effective relationships by working together to identify solutions to challenges and producing better solutions

The Co-Production process is helping to create more trust between the council and customers.

Our approach to Co-Production

Here in Newham, we have a well established Co-Production structure, which ensures a consistent approach to engagement.

Newham Co-Production Forum (Adults)

Through consultation with existing customer forums the Newham Co-Production Forum (Adults) was born.

It is a forum where:

  • Customers and patients
  • Council
  • NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Other stakeholders such as Healthwatch Newham

work on important health and social care issues.

The Forum has clear links to key task and project groups, and feeds into the main decision making structures including the Health and Well Being Board.

The Forum is currently co-chaired by Cllr Clive Furness, BEM and Angus McKenzie-Davie.

Next steps

The Newham Co-Production Forum (Adults) has a group of empowered and skilled customers available that will help to support Co-Production activity as it moves across the whole of the council.

The London Borough of Newham will continue to work in a co-productive manner with all groups and continue to support future co-ordination and user engagement of all existing and new groups.


If you would like to:

  • feedback
  • make comments
  • make suggestions or
  • give ideas for improvement

please contact the LBN Co Production Manager:

Aidan Keightley
Call: 0207 733 4131