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Our Vision for Co-Production

What is Co-Production?

Co-Production means working together on an equal basis.

In Newham it means council members, staff and people who use their services (customers, residents or people with a lived experience) working together as equals in the design, commissioning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of services.

Who benefits from Co-Production?

Co-Production gives everyone an opportunity to ha​ve a say and be part of important decisions on a range of services in Newham, so that services:

  • do what they have to do, legally
  • are fit for purpose
  • have access to first-hand experiences of disabled people, carers, those with mental health conditions and the elderly
  • can demonstrate the value placed on the views of residents
  • meet the needs of residents
  • are accessible to those who need them
  • create strong effective relationships by working together to identify solutions to challenges and producing better solutions

The Co-Production process has been helping to create more openness and trust between the council and residents since 2007.

How does the council manage Co-Production?

Newham council has a well established Co-Production structure, which:

  • is made up of an in-house Co-Production Team and a number of external providers
  • makes sure that there is a consistent approach to engagement with customers.

Newham Co-Production Forum (Adults)

The Newham Co-Production Forum (Adults) is one of the key structures for engagement and decision making. The forum provides brings together:

  • customer user-led groups
  • council members, senior staff and staff from the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (NCCG)
  • other stakeholders such as Healthwatch Newham

to work on important health and social care issues.

The Forum directs the work of key task groups and feeds into the Health and Well Being Board which is the key health and social care decision making body.

The Forum is currently co-chaired by Councillor Susan Masters and Sandra Amoah, with Angus McKenzie-Davie as Deputy Co-Chair.

Next steps

The Newham Co-Production Forum (Adults), Newham Leisure Access Forum and the Newham Homelessness Action Group, the Custom House Regeneration Forum work alongside a group of empowered and skilled residents, customers, people with a lived experience and patients who get involved with Co-Production in areas that interest them.

New residents, customers, people with a lived experience or patients wanting to be involved are always welcome and we hold introduction sessions on a regular basis. For more details please contact a member of the Co-Production Team, details below:


If you would like to:

  • give feedback
  • make comments
  • make suggestions or
  • give ideas for improvement
  • or get involved

Then please contact the Co Production team:
Call: 0203 373 4131 / 0203 373 1638 / 0203 373 8392