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Sexual Health and HIV Services

Sexual Health services are:

  • free
  • confidential and
  • available to everyone regardless of sex, age, ethnic origin and sexual orientation.

If you have a disability and you have special requirements, or if English is not your first language, you should make arrangements in advance.

Sexual Health services in Newham


GPs offer:

  • contraception information and advice
  • a range of contraceptive options (oral pills, long acting reversible contraception, emergency hormonal contraception, condoms)
  • information and screening for sexually transmitted infections (STI) including chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Pharmacies in Newham

Young people (under the age of 24) can access:

  • sexual health information and advice
  • free condoms
  • STI screening (chlamydia and gonorrhoea)
  • Some pharmacies also offer free emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) to women under the age of 24.

For details of the pharmacies that provide sexual health services, please click on the link below:

Pharmacies that deliver sexual health services


Checkurself is an NHS online service offering free home chlamydia tests to men and women aged 16-25 years old and living in London. The kit you will receive will be the same one used at your sexual health clinic.

To order a FREE NHS Home Chlamydia Test by clicking on the following link:


HIV Home Testing Service

The service offers free, fast and confidential home HIV tests. To order your free home testing kit click on the following link:

Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre

40 Liberty Bridge Road. East Village

E20 1AS

Call: 0208 496 7237

Opening hours Mon,, Tues, Thurs: 8:30am - 7:00pm
Weds: 12:00 - 7:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - 3:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Local satellite health services

Shrewsbury Road Health Centre

Shrewsbury road
E7 8QP
This clinic is appointment only (excluding 21 and under) and does not accept walk-ins. To book please call 020 8496 7237.

Tuesday 08.15am - 11.15am (appointment only)
Thursday 12.15 – 2.30pm (appointment only)
Thursday (21 and under service: Shine) 3.30 – 7.15pm
Friday 8.15am - 11.15am (appointment only)

Shine and Young People's services

All East Sexual Health Advice & Support

NHS - Free Home STI Testing Kits

Blakeberry Pharmacy

9 - 11 High Street South
E6 6EN

Monday 12:30 0 6:15pm

west Ham Lane Health Centre

84 West Ham Lane
E15 4PT

Wednesday 4:15 - 7:15pm (21 and under)


Abortions can only be carried out in an NHS hospital or a licensed clinic, and are usually available free of charge on the NHS.
There are three main ways to get an abortion on the NHS:

Contact an abortion provider directly

The following organisations can tell you about eligibility and services in your area:

  • The British Pregnancy Advisory Service(BPAS)
  • Marie Stopes UK
  • National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service(NUPAS)

Speak to your GP

Ask your GP for a referral to an abortion service, your GP should refer you to another doctor if he or she has any objections to abortion

Visit a contraception clinic

Family planning clinics, sexual health clinics or genitourinary medicine(GUM) clinics can refer you to an abortion service

Sexual Assault Service

A sexual assault is a crime no matter who commits it, or where it takes place. It can happen to men and women and can range from inappropriate touching to rape.

A sexual assault referral centre(SARC) is a place you can find help and medical care and where you will be taken seriously.

You don't need a referral, you can access the service 24 hours and the service is free. Everything you talk about is confidential and the service will not inform the police until you tell them to.

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre

Freephone helpline: 0808 802 9999

The helpline is open 12pm -2:30pm and 7pm-9:30pm everyday of the year.

They provide support for female and male victims, partners, family and friends. If you decide to tell the police, you will be seen by a specially trained doctor.

Other places that may help you are:

  • Your local GUM clinic
  • A&E hospital department
  • Your GP
  • Young people's service
  • Police (you will be seen by a specially trained police officer and doctor)

HIV Support Services in Newham

Living with HIV/AIDs can sometimes be very difficult. Support an advice is available for people who are unwell, regarding health issues and any related social care needs you may have.

Positive East

Positive East provides confidential and impartial help, support and information services for anyone living with or affected by HIV, or accessing HIV services in East London.

Contact details
Positive East
159 Mile End Road
Stepney Green
E1 4AQ
Telephone:0207 791 2855
Fax: 0207 780 9551

Positive East - more information

Body and Soul

Body & Soul is a charity promoting the respect, dignity and wellbeing of children, teenagers, adults and families living with and affected by HIV.

Contact details
Body & Soul
99 Rosebery Avenue
Fax: 0207 278 3370
Tel: 0207 923 6880

Body&Soul - More information

How can Adult Social Care help?

If you are living with HIV/AIDs, the Council may be able to support you. We will talk with you about your social, physical, medical, emotional and financial needs.

However, in order to work out just how much , and what type of help is needed to make life easier for you, we do need to carry out an assessment.

What is an assessment?

After the assessment we will identify and agree your needs with you and discuss the help and support available to meet them.

We recognise the importance of confidentiality, especially for people affected by HIV/AIDs.

We will not share any information with people outside of Adult Social Care without your consent, except in some exceptional circumstances.

Exceptions would be when we have to provide information to help protect a vulnerable adult under the Mental Health Act, 1983 or child under the Children Act, 1989.

Access to Adult Social Care Team
0208 430 2000 Option 2

Opening hours
Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4.45pm

When you contact us we'll discuss your situation over the phone to talk about your needs and discuss what is available to help you.

Please contact me about this service ​​​​​