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Meals in the Home

What is available?

London Borough of Newham no longer providers a meals on wheels service. There are a range of alternative services that may help you if you are finding it difficult:

  • to go shopping
  • cook your own meals
  • if your carer is not able to cook you a meal in the daytime

There are a number of services that can deliver hot or frozen meals to your home.

To help you in making a choice that best suits you this section has a list of suppliers who can cater to most dietary requirements.

How much will it cost?

You will have to pay for meals that are delivered to you. How much you pay depends on the meal supplier you choose.

Each supplier will provide you with a brochure with all prices clearly shown to allow you to make an informed choice.

How do I order my meals?

This depends on the meal supplier you choose, but normally you can order your meals:

  • over the telephone
  • online
  • by post
  • by giving your order to a delivery driver.

What if I am unable to heat the meals myself?

If you need support to safely heat up meals please contact us. An assessment of your support needs will be carried out.

We will ask you about the difficulties you have. If it is agreed that you are unable to heat the meals yourself, we can make arrangements for you to receive help in heating your meal.

For more information contact:

Access to Adult Social Care Team
0208 430 2000 Option 2

Opening hours
Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4.45pm

List of suppliers

For a list of organisations that provide meals in the home:

  • click on the directory link below
  • enter your postcode
  • select national from the distance drop down:

Meals in the home

More Information

For further information and support about changes to the way we charge for adult social care:
Tel: 020 3373 1184

Email the Financial Assessment and Charging Team

Disclaimer: Included on this page are providers the Council has listed for your convenience. No guarantee or warranty is given to their competence or suitability for your individual needs. You are advised to make  your own enquiries when considering use of any of the organisations named. Please also be advised that the listing of the organisations is not an endorsement by the authority and there are a number of other organisations who may also be able to meet your needs.