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Shared Lives

What is available?

An adult with care needs is matched with a Shared Lives carer who provides the care and support needed by sharing their home, family and community life.

People live in the homes of Shared Lives carers who have been recruited, trained and approved for this role.

Arrangements can be:

  • short term, lasting anything from one night to several weeks, enabling both the person and their carers to have a break
  • more long term, providing the opportunity for the person receiving support to live as part of the family
  • Emergency placements are also available

Who can use Shared Lives?

People who:

  • are over the age of 16
  • live in the borough
  • need some extra support to live independently

For example, adults with:

  • physical disabilities
  • sensory impairments
  • learning disabilities
  • mental health support needs
  • have difficulties with managing daily activities as they get older.

To access this service you will need to have been assessed and be eligible for social care services.

How are people matched with a Shared Lives Carer?

If you're interested in using the Shared Lives Scheme we'll make sure we match you with a carer with similar interests and lifestyle to you.

You will be able to go and visit the carer several times before deciding if you want to live with them

Get Microsoft SilverlightShared Lives carers speak about their experiences

Why choose Shared Lives?

Shared Lives Carers are enthusiastic and committed, and speak passionately about the opportunity to support someone as part of the family, sharing skills and restoring confidence.

Shared Lives carers have the same skills, experience and training as other CQC regulated support providers, but deliver the support in their family environment.
A young man who has lived with his Shared Lives Carer for three years says "I have not regretted a second. She is the most fantastic, the most extraordinary and most amazing Carer I have ever know.

Shared Lives in Newham is run by Better together, a local not for profit organisation, which is rated 'Outstanding' by CQC.

'Exceptionally run in a person centred and innovative manner that focused on achieving outcomes for people living in shared lives' CQC 2018.

'Staff and Shared Lives Carers received exceptional levels of support and development opportunities to ensure they had the skills to meet peoples needs' CQC 2018.

How can I become a Shared Lives Carer?

Anyone who has a spare room, and wants to share their lives with someone who needs some extra support can apply to become a Shared Lives Carer.

Our team will fully support you through the application process, and offer on-going training and support to make sure the experience is a really positive one.

Shared Lives Carers are paid for the support they provide individuals.

Shared Lives Carers do not need to have lots of experience or qualifications, it is more important that they respect and value people as individuals and are willing to learn and attend training as necessary.

How to get in touch

You can contact the Shared Lives Team directly:
Call:020 8519 9536

You can also contact the Access to Adult Social Care Team:
Call:0208 430 2000 Option 2

Opening hours
Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4.45pm

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