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Work, training and leisure

We know you are a committed carer but you have a right to a life of your own. You may need time to pursue any training, learning or work opportunities and time to attend events and activities.
  • Training and learning opportunities

    Carers can benefit from a range of training courses and learning opportunities to help you in your caring role, or to provide an enjoyable break, learning new skills.

  • Getting into work

    If you want to work or return to work you can be supported to combine both caring and working together.

  • Support in the workplace

    If you are a carer find out more about your rights in the workplace and the support that is available to help you remain in work, or return to work

  • Events and activities

    There are a number of events and activities aimed specifically at carers that can provide a welcome break from caring and a chance to meet othres in a similar situation.