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Prescriptions for Equipment

What is equipment for daily living?

There is a wide range of small pieces of equipment available that can help you or the person you care for manage everyday living tasks and promote independence.

For example:

  • Chair raisers to help you get on and off a chair easier
  • Grab handles around the bath area to help you get in and out of the bath safely
  • A raised toilet seat to help you get on and off the toilet safely
  • A trolley to help you to safely take your meals from one room to another.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Your equipment needs will be assessed by a practitioner such as an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. After assessment, and if you are eligible, the practitioner will discuss with you what equipment will be of benefit.

Through their assessment, the practitioner will agree with you if you can arrange for the equipment to be collected or if you need it to be delivered.

How am I notified when the item of equipment is ready for collection?

The equipment can be collected from Alpine Way as soon as the order is placed on the system by the Prescriber.

If you have agreed with the practitioner that the equipment will be delivered, a suitable date must be agreed whilst placing the order with the practitioner.

If fitting is required do Enabled Living fit the equipment?

ESDL items are simple items of equipment, on occasion they will require fitting. If fitting is required for an ESDL item, Enabled Living can fit the equipment on delivery.

If you chooses to collect an ESDL item that requires fitting, prescribers should ensure that a risk assessment has been carried out to make sure that you have the means of fitting the item yourself.

Where do I collect the equipment from and the opening time?

Equipment can be collected Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, from the reception at:

Enabled Living Healthcare
Customer Service Team,
7 Alpine Way,
E6 6LA.

Do I need to produce a prescription or a reference number when collecting the equipment?

No, on collection you will be asked for your name and address and Enabled Living Healthcare staff will cross-reference this to the order.

How long is the order valid from placing the order to pick up of equipment?

Items of equipment must be collected within 30 days from the order date.

What happens if I am unable to visit Enabled Living Healthcare?

If you are unable to collect your equipment then a relative, carer or friend may do this on your behalf.

What happens if my equipment is faulty or breaks?

As with other items that you own, if there is a problem with the equipment, you should contact your practitioner who assessed you.

I have finished with my equipment – How do I return it?

If you find that you no longer need the equipment provided, you can contact Enabled Living Healthcare and they will arrange a date to collect the items.

For smaller equipment you may wish to return these items direct to Enabled Living Healthcare. You can do so Monday – Friday between 9am to 5pm.

Who do I contact if I require more information about my equipment?

All queries should be directed to:

Enabled Living Healthcare
Customer Service Team,
7 Alpine Way,
E6 6LA.

Telephone: 020 3373 2222