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Prescriptions for Equipment

Community Equipment is the term used to describe products that enable disabled, vulnerable and older people to perform the essential activities of daily living.

Community equipment allows people to maintain their health and independence to live as full a life as possible.

Items of equipment are classified as either:

  • Simple Aids to Daily Living (SADL) or
  • Complex Aids to Daily Living (CADL)

SADLs include:

  • chair raisers to help you get on and off a chair easier
  • grab handles around the bath area to help you get in and of the bath safely
  • a raised toilet seat to help you get on and off the toilet safely
  • a trolley to help you to take your meals from room to room safely and independently

Equipment - more information

To be provided with a SADL, you will need to be assessed by a practitioner such as an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.

After the assessment, you will be given a prescription if you need one. Once you have your prescription you can take it to an accredited retailer and they will supply you the SADL(s) free of charge.

GPs do not carry out assessments or issue prescriptions for equipment.

What is an assessment?

What are accredited retailers?

Accredited Retailers are easily recognisable as they will have a sticker in the window.


These are pharmacies that we have selected to provide equipment because they:

  • have a range of equipment and can show you how it works and can be adjusted to suit you
  • have trained staff who can provide instructions on fitting items in your home

How do I use my prescription to get my simple item of equipment?

Using your prescription to get your equipment is easy. It is similar to how you collect your medicines from your pharmacy.

  • If you are assessed as needing equipment, we will give you a prescription for the items of equipment that you need.
  • You, a friend, family member or carer can then take the prescription to an accredited retailer of your choice, who will supply the items free of charge.
  • You can find a link to Newham’s accredited retailers by following the link further down this page.

What happens if I am unable to visit the accredited retailer?

If you can't get to a retailer:

  • You can ask a relative, friend or carer to pick up and set up your equipment
  • You or the person you send to the retailer will get instructions on how to fit the equipment
  • We can deliver, fit or install your equipment if you are not able to manage this yourself and don't have any care or support. Your assessor will include this as part of your assessment
  • Where applicable it will be included on the prescription

Can I buy a simple item of equipment without an assessment?

Yes, you can buy SADLs without a prescription or assessment from any accredited retailer in Newham or surrounding boroughs.

If the retailer feels that you have more complex needs and you would benefit from a professional assessment, they will give you the contact details of a qualifying professional.

Where is my nearest Accredited Retailer

What happens if the equipment is faulty?

If your equipment is faulty and is still under warranty, contact the retailer to obtain a replacement.

If your equipment is out of warranty, contact the Access to Adult Social Care Team for a replacement and/or further assessment.

Access to Adult Social Care Team
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Text phone:18001 020 8430 2000

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